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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ways to level up fast in Ninja Warz

There are many ways on how to level up fast in Ninja Warz.

  • You can fight NPC clans for you to have a chance to win against real players.
  • You need to train a ninja until it reaches lvl 35.
  • You must login every 4 hours to get free karma or gold from your Daimyo.
  • You must login everyday to assist your allies for free experience and gold.
  • Finish achievements as many as you can to have more karma for your ninjas.
  • Invite members in order to have many assists in you allies which gives you more experience than fighting.
You may add these accounts on Facebook for more allies:

Clans and there Differences

Here are the Clans which you are going to choose from at the start of the game:



  • higher hp per ninja
  • faster hp regeneration


  • faster attack speed
  • higher chance of having critical damage


  • higher hp per ninja
  • faster hp regeneration

Lists of Ninja Warz Relics

Relics in Ninja Warz are very important for fights. All you need is to have a very good combinations of relics

Relics That Can Be Bought With Gold

1. Blowing Leaf - A leaf from the wind-swept ash forest. +4% attack speed.

2. Solar Charm – A stone empowered with the essence of the sun itself. +5% health.

3. Namazu Scale - Remains of the mighty sea monster rom ocean below. +5 power per ninja.

4. Orchid Blossom – A fossilized blossom from the fields of sanctity. +3% health, +3% attack speed.

5. Polished Bubble-Agate – A stone filled with bubbles of mystical vesper gas. +3% health, +3 power per ninja.

6. Phoenix Tear - Te tears of a phoenix are legendary for their focused properties. +4% critical hit chance.

7. Weak Karma Stone – An artifact from the great castle of the Daimyo. +1 Karmaevery 12 hours.

8. Small Treasure Stone - A brilliant stone discovered deep in the gold mines of the Daimyo. +300 gold per hour.

9. Weak Experience Gem - A beautiful gem that can increase your learning speed. +5% experience gained.

10. Precious Seed – A seed from the great trees of life +10% health.

11. Shadow Emerald – A perfectly cut stone from the masters of the Shadow Clan. +8% attack speed.

12. Fire Rubies – Originating from a volcano, they pulsate with a powerful red energy. +10 power per ninja.

13. Bloodshot Button – A button from the armor of the great Kamakura. +10% health, +10 power per ninja.

14. Taurus Plate - Crafted during the famous Chanoyu ceremony. +10% health, +3% attack speed.

15. Dianthus Flower – Beauty from the borders of eastern Dianthus. +10% health, +5% critical hit chance.

16. Magic Mirror – A mirror that slows down time. +10% critical hit chance.

17. Coal Scales - Believed to be from the rare Coal Dragon. +8 power per ninja, +8% critical hit chance.

18. Phoenix Feather – A feather from a newly risen Phoenix. +1000 gold per hour,.

19. Kotei Rock – This green rock hosts a magic Japanese algae. +10% experience gained, +10% gold won.

20. Asiatic Flower - An offensive pedal that can slow your foes. 11% attack speed.

21. Onogoro Water – Water that has been known to create life and earth. +40 health per ninja.

22. Black Opal Shard - An evil shard that will enhance your skill. +5% health, +4% speed, +5% critical, +10 power per ninja.

23. Craven Rock – A yellow stone that sends fear into your enemies. +30 power perninja.

24. Pure Amethyst – A pure stone that can lift your heart. +1 Karma every 12 hours, +1000 gold per hour.

25. Chaos Emeralds – These emeralds turn thoughts into power. +35 power perninja, +10% critical hit chance.

26. Ring of Deception – Your enemies will be confounded if you wear this ring. +15% critical, +15% gold won

27. Glowing Koyasugai – A clamlike jewel that brings you fortune. +5,000 gold per hour, +15% gold won

28. Teardrop Gem – A single tear fallen from the Gods themselves, +20% health

29. Dragon Eye - A fossilized eye from the Sui-Riu Dragon. +8% health, +15 power per ninja.

30. Kappa Totem – A totem to the fierce imp-like Kappa clan. +10% speed, +15% experience gained.

31. The Blood Fragments – Bits of a mystical red stone found inside the Daimyo monument. +35% health, +10% attack speed

32. The Gold Six - The six heritage gems from the First Emperor focused on good. +3 Karma everyday, +5,000 gold per hour.

33. The Golden Fragments - Fragments of the Daimyo monument itself. +4 Karmapoints every day, +7500 gold per hour.

34. The Black Six - The six heritage gems from the First Emperor focused on evil. +75 power per ninja.

35. The Red Six - The six heritage gems from the First Emperor focused on life. +35% health.

36. The Obsidian Fragments - Bits of the Obsidian foundation of the Daimyo monument. +75 power per ninja, +10% critical.

Free Gift Relics

37. Learning Rope – Magical rope that allow your clan to grow and learn more quickly. +1 Karma per day

38. Sensing Star – A relic of an earlier age. This improves all your ninjas sense. +3% health, +2% speed, +3 power per ninja

39. Ring of Strength – An ancient ring lost by the strongest clan to battle near here. +10% power.

40. Polished Shell – The shell of a mysteriously healthy sea creature. +10 health per ninja.

41. Totem of Wealth – A valuable totem bestowing wealth on it’s owner. +700 goldper hour, +5% gold won.

42. Fury Plate – Description to be updated. +10% Power, +4% speed

43. Lotus of Life - Description to be updated. +25 health per ninja, +8% speed

44. Vital Cog – The mechanical heart of an ancient shadow weapon. +11% critical

45. Halves of Life - Both halves of a long lost vitality emblem. +80 health per ninja.

46. Golden Phoenix – Description to be updated. +17% critical hit

Easter Egg (Bonus) Relic

47. Talisman of Nerdly Prowess – Proof of your mastery of the art of Konami, the ancient up up down down ritual. +10% attack speed.

List of Achievements

Money Achievements A Penny Saved
No Longer Considered Poor
Eligible for High Yield Savings
A Mili
We’ve Made Billions
Swimming in Golds
We Been Had Golds

Recruitment Achievements Quantity
First Friend
Not Even Enough To Play Volleyball
Clan Half Full
Full Force

That’s what She Said
Bros Before…

Power Hungry
We Eat Our Wheaties
Well Balanced

Blood Type
Blood Brothers
Plan For the Worst
Might as well Be Useful
Bloody Brilliant!

We’re Old

All In The Family
Sibling Rivalry

Facebook Friends
People Know Me
An Army of Some
An Army of Some More

Victory Ironman
Born Winner

Hard to Kill
Quite Hard to Kill
Insanely Hard to Kill
Impossible to Kill
In Need of a Beating
Not Very Good at the Game
Terrible at the Game

Breaking Streaks
Combo Breaker
C-c-c-combo Breaker

Baby’s First Steps
Seasoned Fighter
We Did Two Tours Over There
Blood on Our Hands
We’re Kind of a Big Deal

Level Difference
Higher Up Beat Down
Topple Goliath
Invincible Underdog

Specific Enemies
Tortoise Slayer
Weather the Storm of Swords
Biting the Hand that Feeds

Combat Conditions End Health
By the Skin of Your Teeth
Flawless Victory
Enemy/Ally Ratios
Two For One
Three For One

Way of the Empty Hand
A Band of Naked Ninjas
No Performance Enhancing Stones
Fried Shrimp
Don’t Shoot Lasers With your Mouth Full
One More Sword in an Inconvenient Place
Feed the Poor

Belt Color Black is Beautiful
All the Colors of the Rainbow
Dark Army
What Can Brown Do For You?
Oompa Loompa Doompadee Doo
Why So Blue?
Going Green
Elevated Levels of Unconjugated Bilirubin
Quantity over Quality

Gear Collections Onion Collector
Advanced Onion Collector
Shrimp Collector
Advanced Shrimp Collector

Missions There’s a New Ally in Town
Helpy Helperton
Destroyer of Blimps and Fires
A True Ally
A Truer Ally

Unique Combat
Don’t Blink
Surgical Precision
Miserable Old Fool!

Konami Komando

Creator links

Here are the list of creators whom you want to fight:

  1. Amanda Beyer
  2. Rob Roberton
  3. Paul Buonopane
  4. Cuong Truong
  5. Robert Nelson

Just click on the names to go to their respective links.

Ninja Warz Weapons

Here is a list of ALL Ninja Warz weapons for you to have ideas about their damages and costs:

Training Nunchako – DPS: 4, Speed: Fast, Price: 650
Bamboo Tonfa – DPS 4.42, Speed: Normal, Price: 1000
Bamboo Staff – DPS 4.72, Speed: slow, Price: 1,350
Splintery Hammer – DPS 5, Speed: slow, Price: 1,900
Blunted Sai – DPS 5.2, Speed: fast, Price: 2,450
Battle-worn Katana – 5.53, Speed: slow, Price: 3,000
Bronze sai – DPS: 6, Speed: fast, Price: 3,500
Starsteel Naginata – DPS: 6.3, Speed: slow, Price: 4,500
Bladed Tonfa – DPS: 6.64, Speed: normal, Price: 7,500
Whisper-thin Katana – DPS: 6.95, Speed: normal Price: 11,000 (Allies Required: 2)
Razor Fails – DPS: 7.2 Speed: faster Price: 14,000 ( Allies Required: 2 )
Warhammer – DPS: 7.52, Speed: slow, Price 17,000 ( Allies Required: 2 )
Iron capped staff – DPS: 8, Speed: slow, Price 22,500
Razor claws – DPS: 8.22, Speed: fastest, Price 27,500
Morning star – DPS: 8.61, Speed: slow, Price 35,000
Steel bonded rod – DPS: 8.89, Speed: slow, Price 42,500 ( Allies Required: 3 )
Bronze chakram – DPS: 9.14, Speed: fast, Price 51,000 ( Allies Required: 3 )
Bronze halberd – DPS: 9.47, Speed: slow, Price 60,000 ( Allies Required: 3 )
Bladed Chakram – DPS: 10, Speed: fast, Price 65,000
Starsteel Gladius – DPS: 10.52, Speed: normal, Price 74,000
Starsteel Maul – DPS: 11.2, Speed: slow, Price 86,000
Flamberge – DPS: 11.54, Speed: normal, Price 103,000 ( Allies Required: 5 )
Ruby halberd – DPS: 12, Speed: slow, Price 125,000 ( Allies Required: 5 )
Brainbasher – DPS: 12.5, Speed: slow, Price 150,000 ( Allies Required: 5 )
Golden Morningstar – DPS: 13.2, Speed: slow, Price 180,000
Golden claws – DPS: 13.8, Speed: faster, Price 215,000
Crystal falchion – DPS: 14.42, Speed: slow, Price 266,000
Bedazzled spear – DPS: 15.9, Speed: slow, Price 340,000 ( Allies Required: 7 )
Ryu’s revenge – DPS: 15.8, Speed: faster, Price 437,000 ( Allies Required: 7 )
Grand axe – DPS: 16.52, Speed: slow, Price 550,000 ( Allies Required: 7 )
Kamezai – DPS: 17, Speed: fast, Price 700,000
The castigator – DPS: 18, Speed: slow, Price 850,000
Kusanagi – DPS: 19.3, Speed: fast, Price 1,055,000
Kuzuri no kagi – DPS: 20, Speed: fastest, Price 1,300,000 ( Allies Required: 9 )
Squirrel bane – DPS: 20.36, Speed: slow, Price 1,600,000 ( Allies Required: 9 )
Tengen tsuki mori – DPS: 20.69, Speed: normal, Price 2,000,000 ( Allies Required: 9 )
Fire ball – DPS: 21, Speed: slow, Price 2,500,000
Fire axe – DPS: 21.2, Speed: slow, Price 2,500,000
Fire kunai – DPS: 22.89, Speed: fastest, Price 3,250,000
Fire sai – DPS: 23.9, Speed: faster, Price 3,500,000 ( Allies Required: 12 )
Fire staff – DPS: 24.24, Speed: slow, Price 4,000,000 ( Allies Required: 12 )
Fire sword – DPS: 25, Speed: normal, Price 5,000,000 ( Allies Required: 12 )
Winter’s wrath – DPS: 26, Speed: slow, Price 6,000,000
Winter’s tendril’s – DPS: 27.5, Speed: fastest, Price 7,000,000
Winter’s blade – DPS: 28.33, Speed: slow, Price 8,000,000 ( Allies Required: 15 )
Winter’s fist – DPS: 29.23, Speed: normal, Price 8,500,000 ( Allies Required: 15 )
Winter’s reach – DPS: 31.11, Speed: fast, Price 10,000,000 ( Allies Required: 15 )
Winter’s edge – DPS: 32, Speed: normal, Price 10,000,000 ( Allies Required: 15 )

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