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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lists of Ninja Warz Relics

Relics in Ninja Warz are very important for fights. All you need is to have a very good combinations of relics

Relics That Can Be Bought With Gold

1. Blowing Leaf - A leaf from the wind-swept ash forest. +4% attack speed.

2. Solar Charm – A stone empowered with the essence of the sun itself. +5% health.

3. Namazu Scale - Remains of the mighty sea monster rom ocean below. +5 power per ninja.

4. Orchid Blossom – A fossilized blossom from the fields of sanctity. +3% health, +3% attack speed.

5. Polished Bubble-Agate – A stone filled with bubbles of mystical vesper gas. +3% health, +3 power per ninja.

6. Phoenix Tear - Te tears of a phoenix are legendary for their focused properties. +4% critical hit chance.

7. Weak Karma Stone – An artifact from the great castle of the Daimyo. +1 Karmaevery 12 hours.

8. Small Treasure Stone - A brilliant stone discovered deep in the gold mines of the Daimyo. +300 gold per hour.

9. Weak Experience Gem - A beautiful gem that can increase your learning speed. +5% experience gained.

10. Precious Seed – A seed from the great trees of life +10% health.

11. Shadow Emerald – A perfectly cut stone from the masters of the Shadow Clan. +8% attack speed.

12. Fire Rubies – Originating from a volcano, they pulsate with a powerful red energy. +10 power per ninja.

13. Bloodshot Button – A button from the armor of the great Kamakura. +10% health, +10 power per ninja.

14. Taurus Plate - Crafted during the famous Chanoyu ceremony. +10% health, +3% attack speed.

15. Dianthus Flower – Beauty from the borders of eastern Dianthus. +10% health, +5% critical hit chance.

16. Magic Mirror – A mirror that slows down time. +10% critical hit chance.

17. Coal Scales - Believed to be from the rare Coal Dragon. +8 power per ninja, +8% critical hit chance.

18. Phoenix Feather – A feather from a newly risen Phoenix. +1000 gold per hour,.

19. Kotei Rock – This green rock hosts a magic Japanese algae. +10% experience gained, +10% gold won.

20. Asiatic Flower - An offensive pedal that can slow your foes. 11% attack speed.

21. Onogoro Water – Water that has been known to create life and earth. +40 health per ninja.

22. Black Opal Shard - An evil shard that will enhance your skill. +5% health, +4% speed, +5% critical, +10 power per ninja.

23. Craven Rock – A yellow stone that sends fear into your enemies. +30 power perninja.

24. Pure Amethyst – A pure stone that can lift your heart. +1 Karma every 12 hours, +1000 gold per hour.

25. Chaos Emeralds – These emeralds turn thoughts into power. +35 power perninja, +10% critical hit chance.

26. Ring of Deception – Your enemies will be confounded if you wear this ring. +15% critical, +15% gold won

27. Glowing Koyasugai – A clamlike jewel that brings you fortune. +5,000 gold per hour, +15% gold won

28. Teardrop Gem – A single tear fallen from the Gods themselves, +20% health

29. Dragon Eye - A fossilized eye from the Sui-Riu Dragon. +8% health, +15 power per ninja.

30. Kappa Totem – A totem to the fierce imp-like Kappa clan. +10% speed, +15% experience gained.

31. The Blood Fragments – Bits of a mystical red stone found inside the Daimyo monument. +35% health, +10% attack speed

32. The Gold Six - The six heritage gems from the First Emperor focused on good. +3 Karma everyday, +5,000 gold per hour.

33. The Golden Fragments - Fragments of the Daimyo monument itself. +4 Karmapoints every day, +7500 gold per hour.

34. The Black Six - The six heritage gems from the First Emperor focused on evil. +75 power per ninja.

35. The Red Six - The six heritage gems from the First Emperor focused on life. +35% health.

36. The Obsidian Fragments - Bits of the Obsidian foundation of the Daimyo monument. +75 power per ninja, +10% critical.

Free Gift Relics

37. Learning Rope – Magical rope that allow your clan to grow and learn more quickly. +1 Karma per day

38. Sensing Star – A relic of an earlier age. This improves all your ninjas sense. +3% health, +2% speed, +3 power per ninja

39. Ring of Strength – An ancient ring lost by the strongest clan to battle near here. +10% power.

40. Polished Shell – The shell of a mysteriously healthy sea creature. +10 health per ninja.

41. Totem of Wealth – A valuable totem bestowing wealth on it’s owner. +700 goldper hour, +5% gold won.

42. Fury Plate – Description to be updated. +10% Power, +4% speed

43. Lotus of Life - Description to be updated. +25 health per ninja, +8% speed

44. Vital Cog – The mechanical heart of an ancient shadow weapon. +11% critical

45. Halves of Life - Both halves of a long lost vitality emblem. +80 health per ninja.

46. Golden Phoenix – Description to be updated. +17% critical hit

Easter Egg (Bonus) Relic

47. Talisman of Nerdly Prowess – Proof of your mastery of the art of Konami, the ancient up up down down ritual. +10% attack speed.